Since our start as a home laundry service in 1916, Sunshine Laundry has been putting its customers first.

While our business focus has evolved over the past century, this emphasis on service excellence continues. More specifically, in the last twenty five years Sunshine Laundry has transformed itself from a home laundry service to a specialty linen rental service, boasting a large inventory of high quality table linens and accessories. Having a vast inventory on hand allows us to easily cater to any size, color, or fabric requirements that might be needed for your special event.

Getting what you want when you want it, is another key reason to choose Sunshine Laundry. Our dedicated team of drivers and customer service representatives have time built into their day to fulfill those last-minute modifications or requests that will make your event unique and memorable. Furthermore, Sunshine does not lock recurring customers into dedicated linen orders. Instead we offer the flexibility to select any linens from our inventory and modify a standing order to suit your needs. So the next time you’re planning an event or shopping for a regular linen supplier, stop by or give us a call!