Bruce Johnston


Bruce is the fourth generation of his family to operate Sunshine Laundry. Growing up in the business he saw firsthand what it takes to make a successful business. Early on in his career Bruce predicted the decline of the home laundry business, due to the availability of home washers and dryers. At this point Bruce made the decision to reinvent Sunshine Laundry as a specialty linen rental business. To set his business apart from his competitors, Bruce made the decision that his business would offer superior customer service and a large variety of options for customers to choose from. Bruce’s choice combined with his devotion allowed Sunshine to grow and become the business that we know it as today.  


Lenny Velez

Senior Customer Service Representative

Lenny started his career at Sunshine Laundry in 2007. Due to his hard work and dedication to the company, he rapidly ascended to a management position. As Plant Manager, Lenny was responsible for the production process at Sunshine. Lenny’s attention to detail and quality allowed him to be very successful in this role while he built his knowledge of our inventory as well as our customers' needs. Lenny is now Sunshine Laundry’s Senior Customer Service Representative bringing his expertise of the linen business to our customers.



Nate, Richard (Pap), Jason, & Russell